October 18th, 19th and 20th 2017

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CHBDN is excited to be hosting its 15th Annual Conference on October 18-20, 2017 in the capital city of Canada at the Sheraton Hotel. Easily accessible by plane, train and automobile. In fact we may have some alternate means of transport ….

noun: synergy; plural noun: synergies; noun: synergism; plural noun: synergisms

“the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects”

Synergy is the focus of this year’s conference. It has been recognized that this has been an end result over the last 15 years of this conference.

Healthcare business leaders from across all of Canada come to this conference for education, networking, sharing of expertise, and ultimately discussion on how the Business Development function within their organization share growth experience with colleagues as well as vendors. Learning the key successes and lessons learned make this an ideal opportunity.


Exoskeletons for patients
- Presented by Ed Lemaire
Lower extremity powered exoskeletons are intelligent assistive devices that enable people with spinal cord injuries to walk and interact with their chosen environment in an upright position. These devices are self-supporting walking frames with motors at the hips, knees, and/or ankles that are controlled in realtime to create motion and resist limb collapse. A partnership between The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) / University of Ottawa and Bionik Laboratories Inc. will continue to develop and test the new ARKE exoskeleton, a novel Canadian exoskeleton from Bionik Laboratories, that provides a cost effective and highly functional device for people with spinal cord injuries or lower extremity weakness. This exploratory study evaluated ARKE use within a physical rehabilitation environment to improve physical capacity for people with spinal cord injury (SCI) and then use this information to refine ARKE so that it is ready for everyday use.
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Impact of Mobile Phone Applications for Food Ordering and Delivery on Hospital Foodservices
- Presented by Geoff Wilson & Jeff Dover
Many hospitals have taken steps to separate patient and retail foodservices with a view to eliminating retail foodservice subsidies; generating net income from retail foodservices; and improving patient, visitor and staff satisfaction with retail foodservices. Mobile phone applications for food ordering and delivery are becoming more popular with hospital staff in urban centres where such services are available.
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The Financial Win/Win Focusing on Worker Health and Safety in the Health Care Sector
- Presented by Pat Evangelisto

  • What are the financial risks to health care in not dealing with worker safety effectively?
  • The numbers don’t lie!
  • Is Worker Health and Safety a REAL priority in your organization?
  • Is Worker Health and Safety a REAL priority in your organization?
  • What do we mean by “Safety Culture”?
  • The Ottawa Hospital experience
  • How does a Safety Culture improve an organization?
  • The Step in moving towards a Safety-First Culture
  • What does this mean to the financial viability of an organization?

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How to leverage the Internet to sell your services
- Presented by Dwight Brown
How to leverage the Internet to not only engage new customers but to sell your services to them, track their purchasing preferences and provide top level client care in an age of increasing privacy concerns.
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Integrating Outpatient Pharmacy into Patient Care Teams – Meds to Beds program
- Presented by Naveed Ali
Meds to Beds is “Concierge” bedside service that delivers discharge prescriptions meds to patients prior to leaving their hospital room at no additional cost to the patient. Grand River Hospital outpatient pharmacy is the only pharmacy in Ontario if not Canada that is offering Meds To Beds service. The initiative that started off as a pilot program in November 2017 has now been formally launched in certain areas of the hospital with plans to expand organization wide. Patient convenience, safety and adherence; Integrating retail pharmacy as part of the care team and extending continuum of care and creating a sustainable revenue stream are some of the key achievements to date for the program. The presentation will focus on the work flow process, stakeholder groups, critical success factors and key performance measures.

Bundled care approach to COPD Disease Management
- Presented by Miriam Freymond Turnbull
Miriam and her team will present an overview of outcomes and learnings from the bundled care approach to COPD Disease Management that has now been actively delivered in three different regions in Ontario for more than two years. This bundled care model clearly describes the cooperation and integration of two or more organizations that together produce a greater effect than any one organization could produce on its own – SYNERGY. These integrated models of care have been initiated by the MOHLTC: Patients First to strengthen home and community care as a first wave of Ontario healthcare providers rolling out bundled care. With important objectives of seamless transition, decreasing lengths of stay, and avoiding unnecessary emergency visits and hospital admissions, we have important questions that we must answer. Can we effectively engage and keep engaged all of the key stakeholders including primary care? Can we sustain this integrated model of live 24/7 support for patient and caregiver and the important ongoing support of pulmonary rehab maintenance for this vulnerable population? Can we be flexible enough to effectively manage this complex disease in this synergist way and still be fiscally accountable? Last but not least, can we accurately define the Integrated Funding essential to achieving essential outcomes of care across the spectrum?
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Cannabis 101
- Presented by Dr. Francois Halle

  • Cannabinoid Therapy 101
  • How to initiate Acute and Chronic Treatments
  • NAC Guidelines and Standard of Care
  • Appropriate Initiation and Follow-Up with Trained Cannabinoid Educator
  • Cannabinoid Therapy vs. Recreational Cannabis (Let`s Talk Answers)

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Home sooner and with the right care
- Presented by Denise Swartz
In Canada, there are not many care options for clients who are transitioning out of hospital back to their communities. The inability to discharge patients safely to an appropriate level of care results in long length of stay, hospital re-admissions and higher than necessary cost to the healthcare system. Timely access to the appropriate type of care is in the best interest of the patient and may increase their chance of a healthy recovery. Patients staying longer than required in the hospital could likely have their care needs better suited in a different setting such as community or a CBI transitional care facility.

CBI Health Group’s unique transitional and residential care approach starts with the needs of the client, develops a care plan and assembles clinical resources, and determines the best venue of care – one of our community care homes or the client’s home.

Our community care homes are long or short-term facilities in which residents receive specialized and 24 hour care specific to their condition. These homes help patients achieve their optimal level of independence and self-reliance. The Clinical Care model(s) is led by a Nurse Manager (Registered Nurse) with support from an array of specialty services. The model is Person-centered, focusing on the abilities of the patient for rehabilitative care. The focus of short term transitional care is to help patients regain their independence after the acute phase of an illness with the expectation that they will be able to return home within a 45 -90 day period of transition and reduce the probability of a readmission or occurrence of an adverse event. The focus of our residential or longer term transitional care is to provide the right care environments for individuals with complex needs that cannot be met elsewhere, particularly individuals with challenging behaviours who often remain in acute care hospitals for excessively long times. These individuals challenge multiple services across a variety of sectors, most particularly health (multiple emergency room visits and hospital admissions), human services or social development, police and justice services and local clinical specialized services.

CBI is committed to providing transitional/residential housing options with appropriate interdisciplinary care and wrap around supports in the most appropriate environment with a more financially sustainable model of care.

Life and Health Products at TD Insurance
- Presented by Bill Birak
Data is a key asset that flows through all avenues of the healthcare system. Fundamentally, it is the common layer that binds infrastructure/facilities, health operations, new technologies and the overall delivery of patient care in a high quality, cost effective manner.

This talk will explore the critical importance of data and how effectively using big data and analytics can drive safer, enhanced healthcare for Canadians..

SLEEP EFFICIENCY - quicker testing
- Presented by Andrew Holmes
Assessing sleep disordered breathing is one of the most in-demand and fast-growing medical consults in Canada. Unlike traditional studies in a hospital setting, Sleep Efficiency, has a business model where a patient can be tested with a clinically-valid method of screening patients in their own home. Patients are tested sooner and it reduces the demand on valuable hospital resources. Following each Sleep Efficiency test, a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) will review the results and provide a final written recommendation. Results also include a written interpretation and recommendation from our Respirologist. Sleep disordered breathing affects between 20 to 50 percent of older adults. The prevalence of sleep disorders increases with age -- adults age 70 to 80 are twice as likely to be affected than those around age 40. As stated in the Canadian Respiratory Journal, 15% of Canadian adults have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea or at high risk of experiencing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the cessation of breathing while sleeping of at least 10 seconds. A large neck, obesity, extra tissue in the back of the airway and loss of muscle tone that helps to keep the airways open are only some of the reasons obstructive sleep apnea can occur. Loud snoring or gasping during sleep and issues such as memory loss, daytime fatigue or sleepiness are some of the most common signs of OSA. If left untreated, a patient with OSA is at increased risk for Stroke, Heart attack, Congestive heart failure.
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TRIZ process
- Presented by Marion Howell
Please join Marion Howell for a fun interactive session focused on creative problem solving. During this session you will experience the power of TRIZ! This process creates space for innovation by let go of what you may already know but can’t say. In other words, it safely challenges the status quo and the “unmentionables”. Marion will put you in touch with all the resources that you can take this powerful facilitation tool back to your organization and create the strategic change you envision.

Smart Coach – remote monitoring
- Presented by Pat Clifford
Smart Coach uses wireless technology to connect seniors living with chronic disease(s) to a Registered Nurse who monitors their vital signs remotely and encourages medication compliance, while providing assessment of vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose, weight and blood oxygen), information about managing their illness and adjustments to their care plan. The main focus of the project is to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and Emergency Room visits while encouraging and allowing patients to manage their conditions at home. Utilizing this breakthrough technology developed by partners AlayaCare, CBI Health Group successfully brought on 75 patients and worked closely with the COPD c and CHF clinics at Southlake Regional Hospital. Case conferences were held twice for each patient enrolled on the program. One of the major causes for the success of this project was the ability of the Program Manager and the clinical lead for the Smart Coach Program – remotely monitoring patients from a CBI Health Group clinic – to collaborate and be proactive managing alerts together. The Program Manager had access to each patient’s electronic file and would make adjustments to their medications or quickly bring the client into the clinic in order to manage symptoms, depending on the alerts and outcomes. We recognized quite early that the clients on the program were less likely to visit ERs. Nurses could circumvent this by arranging for the client to see their family physician and/or the clinic. Early findings from the project indicated that a majority of the clients agreed or strongly agreed that the program helped them learn more about their chronic disease. Clients also benefited by better understanding when to go to the emergency department versus monitoring at home or going to see their physician before a flare up. Clients were quite positive when asked if they would recommend this program to a loved one or family member.

Join us and learn more about how Smart Coach offers a cost-effective solutions to managing and treating seniors who are living with chronic disease.
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Marion Howell, BAS Hons, CODI, PCC

Marion serves the Canadian health care sector with a passion for making a difference in the lives of leaders. She is grounded in principles of how to lead in complex systems and works with her client to apply these in challenging real work situations. Her experience with coaching and facilitating has provided her the opportunity to understand the unique roles and constraints associated with health care leadership. As a facilitator, Marion understands the importance of bringing practical application of academic models in order to enhance the performance of leaders. The Iris Group’s workshop design is grounded in research that helps leaders better understand how to lead in complex change. She leads sessions on resilience, change dynamics, team effectiveness and culture change. As a coach, Marion has logged 3,400 coaching hours and delivered coaching in leadership programs at the Rotman School of Business, the Schulich School of Management, and Interior Health Authority in BC. In particular, Marion has been a coach and facilitator for all six cohorts of the Physician Leadership Development Program (PLDP). Feel free to contact Marion at marion@irisgroup.ca / 905-841-3169 to learn more about how she can support you. www.irisgoup.ca

Ed Lemaire

Edward Lemaire, PhD is actively involved with research on technologies that improve mobility for people with physical disabilities. He is a Senior Investigator at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s Centre for Rehabilitation Research and Development; Professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine; and Adjunct Professor in Human Kinetics, Mechanical Engineering, and Systems Design Engineering. He is also active with the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics, as a board member, international congress chairman, and incoming president. Dr. Lemaire’s research has resulted in over 450 published papers and presentations that include intelligent prosthetics and orthotics, biomechanical walking analysis in 3D virtual environments, smartphone approaches to improve decision-making, and eHealth technology to enhance access to education and rehabilitation services.

Jeff Dover, Principal, fsSTRATEGY Inc.

Jeff received a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Hotel and Food Administration from the University of Guelph in 1989. He earned his MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University in 1996 where he won the School of Business and Economics Graduate Gold Medal for Academic Achievement. Jeff also holds the Certified Management Consultant and International Society of Hospitality Consultants designations. Jeff has also completed the Walt Disney World College Program. Jeff has been consulting to the hospitality and tourism industry since 1992. Jeff was most recently a Director with HLT Advisory Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in all sectors of the hospitality industry. Jeff was also a Director with KPMG’s Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism practice after beginning his career with Pannell Kerr Forster Consulting Inc. Prior to his consulting career, Jeff held hospitality industry management positions in the hotel, attractions and food service sectors. He represents the fifth generation of his family to work in Canada’s hospitality industry. Other positions include Director, Asset Management for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and Director, Resort Sales and Service for Interval International. He has also taught business strategy to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Guelph and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Geoff Wilson, Principal, fsSTRATEGY Inc.

Geoff Wilson received a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Hotel and Food Administration from the University of Guelph in 1976. He was designated as a Credentialed Food Executive (CFE) by the Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals in 1990 and received his Diamond Level certification in 2004. Geoff was in charge of foodservice consulting for two major professional services firms—KPMG from 1995 to 1999 and Price Waterhouse / Laventhol & Horwath from 1989 to 1994. He has many years of operations and marketing experience in the foodservice industry, spanning restaurants, institutional foodservices, resorts, and trade and convention facilities. Since 1989, Geoff has provided professional advice to organizations throughout the foodservice chain –foodservice operators, distributors and manufacturers and related parties. He has undertaken numerous assignments for clients in the commercial foodservice, institutional foodservice and attractions industries. He has also managed a number of large multi-disciplinary studies in for several government agencies.

Andrew Holmes, RPSGT, Corporate Sleep Consultant

In his role as Senior of Cardiopulmonary and Sleep Services at Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa, Andrew leads the team responsible for the operations of a full-service community hospital and has a decade of experience routinely performing diagnostic sleep services. He is also a specialist in positive airway pressure and obstructive sleep apnea at various commercial businesses. He has over a decade of experience in this industry. With Sleep Efficiency, Andrew brings his depth of sleep knowledge to individuals, businesses and associations looking to identify obstructive sleep apnea through take-home sleep tests.

Dwight Brown

With over 20 years in mobile and Internet, Dwight has helped launch several companies including a mobile wireless devices and service enterprise, a mobile encryption software company (with just under 1,000 clients worldwide), a not for profit festival and his latest venture a business marketing company focusing on helping dentist generate dental implant leads. The one common thread through all of them is Internet Marketing, and will speak to how companies can better engage their prospects and customers to trust first and buy second the products and services you offer.


Bernie Etzinger, Chief Communications and Outreach Officer, The Ottawa Hospital

Bernard joined The Ottawa Hospital as its Chief Communications and Outreach Officer in August 2016. Before that he worked in the federal government’s Privy Council Office, as the lead on Digital Strategy and Consultations in its Central Innovation Hub. He was the senior executive responsible for communications for two federal departments: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada as well as the Canadian International Development Agency, where he was also a Director General in the Afghanistan Task Force. Bernard joined the Foreign Service in 1995 and served in New York, Silicon Valley, Washington D.C. and in various positions in Ottawa, including Director of Continental Defence Relations in the Foreign Affairs Department. In Washington, Bernard was spokesperson for three Canadian ambassadors to the United States, developing and executing U.S. public advocacy strategies on files such as softwood lumber, border, agricultural, defence, security and other issues, all through the lens of the post-9/11 relationship between Canada and the United States. Bernard participates actively in his community as a member of the Board of Directors of the Ottawa Salus, a charity providing sustainable housing to people with severe mental illness, and the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra. He is also a former president of the Ottawa Royals Soccer Club. He has degrees in Political Science and History from Carleton University.

Pat Evangelisto

In 1999, Pat combined his extensive human resources proficiency, senior operational management expertise and his health and safety knowledge to start Compliance Safety Solutions. Compliance Safety Solutions is a Health and Safety, Training and Consulting business specializing in manufacturing, construction, health care, retail and municipalities. His success in manufacturing and construction in the fields of Human Resources and Operations has given him great insight into the challenges that organizations face in implementing a diligent health and safety program. He is a great believer in the parallels between organizations that are successful and organizations that have a robust health and safety programs. His knowledge and expertise has allowed him to work with many organizations, both large and small across Canada, the US, South America and Europe. Since 2007, Pat has actively worked in the health-care sector creating various worksafe programs in a number of hospitals across the province. At the Ottawa Hospital, for example, Pat has trained over 600 supervisors and senior executives on their responsibilities under the OHSA and the link between worker safety and cost effectiveness. This has resulted in a cultural shift towards an environment that is engaged and inspired. Pat is an active member and Past President of the Rockton Lions Club. Pat is active with the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, Mark Preece House in Hamilton which is a respite house for people with family members in hospital and Drummond House in Waterdown, a shelter for women. Pat and his wife Cathy live in Flamborough and have 4 children. Today, Pat will be talking to us about the financial and organizational advantages for hospitals in making workers’ safety a priority and how to make worker’s health and safety the driving force within a health care environment..

Michael Weider,CEO, Clearwater Clinical Ltd.

Michael Weider is the CEO of Clearwater Clinical Ltd., a leading provider of medical-grade hearing health mobile solutions, and maker of SHOEBOX Audiometry, the world’s first clinically validated iPad Audiometer. He is a software entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and has founded two startups, Watchfire and Blaze, which were acquired by IBM and Akamai respectively. He sits on the board of four startups, advises two venture funds, and is an active angel investor. Michael is also a board member of the Youth Services Bureau Charitable Foundation of Ottawa.

Naveed Ali MBA, MHSc, Director Business Development, Grand River Hospital

Naveed Ali is the Director of Business Development for the Grand River Hospital sites in Kitchener, with responsibility for the business development portfolio which includes Retail Pharmacy, Parking operations, Food Court and Patient televisions and phones. Prior to joining Grand River Hospital, he worked for 12 years in business development and sales/marketing in the private sector mainly in the pharmaceutical industry in Canada. Naveed holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the United Kingdom, an MBA from St. Mary's University in Halifax and a Masters in Health Administration from University of Toronto. He is currently working towards his PMP and Canadian Risk Management designation.

Dr. Francois Halle,Vice-President of Medical and Scientific Affairs, National Access Cannabis.

Dr. Francois Halle is the appointed Vice-President of Medical and Scientific Affairs at National Access Cannabis and has been occupying this position since May 2017. Francois has over 9 years of experience in the medical and scientific advising world. He graduated with honors from a dual MD/Msc from St-Georges University in 2008 after completing his bachelor's degree in Health Biology at the University of Quebec in 2003. Dr Halle formerly worked as National Senior Medical Advisor for Canada House Wellness Group, and VP of clinical affairs at Marijuana for Trauma. He is the Co-Founder of Clinical Cannabinoid Consulting Group and currently holds the senior Medical and Scientific Advisor to the board for Cannutra Naturals. Throughout his young career, Francois worked at Health Canada at the Marketed Production Directorate where he ran the Crisis Management Unit. He also has been involved with several Senatorial Committees as an external advisor and was also advising on the Government Task Force on Cannabis Legalization. Dr. Halle is currently known as a subject mater expert in Canada and has given over 400 conferences in his career on many subjects including preventative medicine and cannabinoid therapy from 2008 to 2013, and he taught Physipathology and Clinical Sciences to the Nursing School at the University of Quebec. Currently, Francois is involved in many discussions as part of subgroups of subject matter experts in North America, Europe and the Middle East and, because of his international involvement, Dr Halle is periodically solicited to give conferences to government agencies, groups of professionals and the general public across the Country and in Europe.

Please click here to view one of the studies currently being run.

Miriam Freymond Turnbull, Vice President & GM, ProResp Inc.

Miriam Freymond Turnbull is a registered respiratory therapist with a MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. She has extensive experience in delivering and leading community respiratory services in Ontario. Being passionate about the care continuum and enabling individuals to receive care where they wish, she has effectively provided leadership to ProResp’s hospital partnerships and integrated collaboratives across Ontario. Most recently she took partnership to a new level. In partnership with Elaine Shantz, a senior executive who works in senior living, she embarked on a “beyond ourselves” initiative. These women hiked the entire 893.5 km of the Bruce Trail, trekking the final 520 km 6 days each week in the month of July. The goals of this action was first and foremost to raise $100,000 for the GROW project – Greater Rural Opportunities for Women - in northern Ghana to which Global Affairs Canada levers the funds 9 times; to develop a leadership platform whether in a soybean field in Ghana or healthcare here in Ontario; to design a model that other businesses can embrace that enables them to look beyond their day to day work. The primary goal of this initiative accomplished – more than $100,000 dollars raised! Today she and her colleague will discuss ProResp’s Ontario hospital partnerships that extend to blazing the trail for an integrated funding model in Ontario.

Denise Swartz BSc(PT), National Director, Healthcare Innovation, CBI Health Group

Denise’s initial start in health care was as a graduate from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy working clinically in hospitals before moving to mgmt. positions. In the late 1990’s Denise created new models of care for hospital’s rehab departments that improved efficiencies, created cost savings, and produced revenue generating ideas through the implementation of outpatient private clinics. In the early 2000’s, Denise joined CBI through the acquisition of her hospital business. With CBI, Denise has 17 years of experience in senior/executive management positions and has demonstrated proven results in operations management, business development, project management, financial planning and forecasting. She has successfully developed innovative healthcare models and implemented business solutions and operational changes that have improved the quality of service, efficiency and effectiveness of various publicly funded health facilities, authorities and organizations. She also has expertise in strategic planning, stakeholder relationships,change management, business analysis and process improvement.

Bill Birak, Data, Analytics and Insights, TD Insurance

For the past sixteen years Bill has been exercising his belief that in this digital age, successful companies are those with strong leaders that can empower technology to transform data into information and information into strategic initiatives. Whether those initiatives are in marketing, finance, technology, operations or a combination of all, leveraging this common thread of data transformation to maximize potential has been his main objective. After graduating from the University of Toronto in 2001, Bill took on increasingly progressive roles at Bell Canada, Internet and TV. He drove fact based decisioning through analytics and modelling – these activities established strategies to improve acquisition and retention. Having spent years in the US banking space, he instilled the notion of customer centricity for TD Bank "America's Most Convenient Bank" driving synergistic activities to engrain this into all areas. Most recently in the Life and Health Insurance space, his expertise in stakeholder relationships, business insights, projects, process improvement and business intelligence work is helping to improve the overall understanding and operations at TD Insurance by leveraging large volumes of data.

Patrick Clifford, Director of Research and Innovation, Research Institute of Southlake Regional Health Centre

Patrick Clifford is currently the Director of Research and Innovation, at the Research Institute of Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket Ontario and CreateIT Now the Southlake owned and operated on campus health innovation centre. Patrick’s responsibilities include 1/oversight of research operations and infrastructure (including the REB) and 2/ advancing innovation and commercialization activities along with culture building, through strategic collaborations with industry, academia, funders and other key partners. Currently Patrick is charged with leading the development and implementation of Southlake’s research agenda and advancing the innovation and commercialization strategy which includes growing partnerships and collaborations with private sector ventures wishing to test and/or validate wide ranging health focused technologies with Southlake clinicians in an acute care, large community hospital environment. Patrick is also engaged in Southlake’s health sector leadership role in innovative, outcome based, procurement practices and supports a multitude of OCE, HTF, HTX, MGCS and FedDev funding allocations to Southlake. Patrick brings 30 years of health care experience in acute care to his current role. He holds an MSW, a BA, BSW and BEd. and continues to practice as a clinician on a periodic basis in an emergency mental health setting.

Adrian Schauer, CEO, AlayaCare

Adrian Schauer is the founder and CEO of AlayaCare, a healthtech start-up serving the home healthcare market and looking to deliver the next disruptive solution for the industry by combining remote patient monitoring, clinical documentation and back office software. Adrian is a serial technology entrepreneur having built two successful mobile software companies; both achieving leadership positions in their respective markets before being acquired. Adrian is also an active Angel Investor and sits on the boards of several companies including fast growing technology firms like the point-of-care medical device company Chipcare, the SaaS company TrackTik, and the GRC software provider Resolver. Adrian is also the co-founder of the Madiro Fund, an organization created to support innovative solutions to the health problems in low income countries.


Every year, provincial and federal governments invest billions to support hospitals as they strive to provide care for a growing patient population. These transfers typically cover 75% to 80% of operating budgets, leaving a sizable gap for hospitals to close in order to have the capacity to meet patient care demands and balance budgets.

The Canadian Healthcare Business Development Network (CHBDN)

Many hospital administrators realize they must move into untraditional, intrapreneurial territory to support their missions and institutional goals.

The Canadian Healthcare Business Development Network (CHBDN), meets annually, to collaborate on and to discuss leading ideas and innovations. The Network, now in its 15th year, represents Business Development leaders from major Canadian academic, research intensive and teaching hospitals, as well as administrators from several provincially-based regional health authorities. Our role is to seek out innovative ideas from within our own organizations as well as outside our walls, which can be translated into a financially beneficial opportunity that is consistent with any of our mission and values.

Synergy is the result of networking and building relationships, and this is paramount within the Hospital Business Development sector. In recognition that we have only some of the answers, we invite selected private sector and academic groups to collaborate with us on an ongoing basis. These synergies compel us to ‘push the envelope’, and introduce us to unique approaches and new lines of business helping us achieve our business development objectives.

If you have a business venture that could be shared, let us know and we may be able to highlight it at this year’s conference dobusiness@toh.ca.

Please connect with us through LinkedIn


Melanie Webber

With over ten years’ experience in hospital Business Development, Melanie Webber’s career has advanced in a very aggressive non-for-profit business environment. Currently she manages the Residence’s financial data, provides counsel on the efficacy of new products and services as we follow the broader public sector service guidelines for procurement in the department. Also, part of her duties is to weigh on business strategies and operational components. With years of internal fund raising and contact with a wide range of clients, tenants, and vendors she is skilled at communications in various mediums. Melanie is a self starter, with a thirst for knowledge.


Jo-Ann Watson

With over 3 decades service at The Ottawa Hospital, Jo-Ann Watson rose from a clerk position, in the Intensive Care Unit, to manager of Payroll. Last year she managed over $840+ million in employment income and over 5000+ retro pays, involving 13,000 staff. Both Jo-Ann and her dedicated team will work into the late hours of the evening to ensure the timely delivery of everyone’s pay. To keep life in balance, she also helps with internal fund-raising campaigns from Rattle me Bones to Hip-Hip Hooray. More importantly she is an enthusiastic individual with an eye to detail.

Bernie Franzgrote

With over 35 years experience at The Ottawa Hospital, Bernie has been involved with a wide range of intrapreneurial projects at TOH. This experience has given Bernie valuable insight in pairing and connecting businesses with staff and patient/healthcare needs. Collaboration with the TOH Foundation and our four auxiliaries is one key to his success. Ventures over the last twenty years, have ranged from leasing and direct support, managing a successful hotel operation, an electronic marketing program, green programs, to finding creative ways to introduce businesses with a better fit. Bernie’s goal is always to find and develop new services and products in a very dynamic business space.


Kevin Peters

Kevin Peters graduated from St Lawrence College as a registered nurse, and worked for 13 years in Critical Care and Emergency medicine as a clinician and in leadership, in the United States. In 2006 he joined the TOH team in the Emergency Department and went on to manage the department for 5 years. During this time, he rolled out the corporate strategy related to the provincial funding reform strategy. His team worked with physicians to develop a ED Surge Protocol that he presented at the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Conference. The protocol has gone on to be published and is being implemented in Emergency Department across Canada. Kevin was promoted to Director of Food and Nutrition and last year added the Supply Chain and Medical Device Reprocessing to his portfolio. Kevin is currently completing his MBA at Telfer Business School at the University of Ottawa.


Guy Girard

With close to four decades of dedication to the food industry, managing venues from the Salt Lake Winter Olympics to large commercial venues, such as the National Museums and the House of Commons, Guy Girard has wealth of knowledge. Being a Red Seal chef, he has done everything from food preparation, related logistics, and budget management that the industry has to offer. Currently his role is to support The Ottawa Hospital food retail strategy and has successfully reduced operating costs here by over 50 percent.



Develop your company’s synergy with a national network of Healthcare Executives and Business Development leaders who are always looking for improvements and new ways of looking at business opportunities. Together we can develop new business relationships and secure help new markets. Patient care and economic pressures are taking health care to new levels. If you have a success story, we would like to see if it can be explored during the conference. The sponsor link will give more details.

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